Parents: Morgan & Joan Johnson
Pet: Mattie Johnson
“Mattie has been a member of the Noah’s Arf Bark Club since she was 6 months old. Our goal was to have a well socialized rottweiler, friend to all. With the excellent care and guidance from the staff at Noah’s, we have a wonderful pet that is loving, gentle and want to sit on your lap. (Plus the continuous belly rubs) All service provided has been exceptional!

-Morgan & Judy

Parents: Bill & Joan Truncali
Pet: Theda
“We are very fortunate to have discovered Noah’s Arf. Our pet, Theda, is a loved family member and we can leaver her with Kris and the Team knowing that she will be well cared for. Theda enjoys her time with both her canine friends and the great staff. They take a personal interest in your pet and they are committed to providing a safe and happy environment.”

-Joan & Bill Truncali

Parents: Ted & Daisy Miller
Pet: Roxanne
“Roxanne is a regular. Her days at the Arf keep her exercised and socialized. She love the company of the other dogs and she loves to play. What’s not to like? The staff is top notch. Kris makes all the pet owners fell like their dog is the top dog. We give the Arf four out of four stars.

-Ted & Daisy Miller

Parents: Dick & Sharon Perkins
Pet: Phantom
“Phantom is our 4 year old Border Collie and she spends almost 5 days a week with Kris and the staff at Noah’s Arf and she has since she was old enough to be there. Noah’s Arf is Phantom’s second home, and she looks forward to going every morning. The staff is her second family. When asked we quickly and wholeheartedly recommend Noah’s Arf. I believe Kris was one of the first dog daycare in downtown Portland. She has lots of experience and genuinely cares for each of the dogs and is concerned for all of their welfare. As a puppy, Phantom was very shy and needed socialization, and Noah’s Arf was and continues to be a very good place for her.”

-Dick & Sharon & Phantom Perkins