Noah’s Arf frequently asked questions

Are all breeds welcome?
Yes, all dogs are welcome. All pets must be non-aggressive and not food or toy protective. Owners will need to certify that their pet(s) have not harmed or shown any aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or any other pet. This is for their safety and safety of all other pets.
Do I have to commit to a schedule?
Pre-arranged drop off and pick-ups are available outside operation hours for an additional fee. Drop-ins welcome if space available.
Is my dog supervised?
At all times 2-3 animal care specialists are in the playground. Ensures a good time is had by all.
What do I need to bring with me for Molly’s sleepover?
Food and leash, we provide the rest! Noah’s has fleece beds, toys, food and water bowls and lots of love! Comforts from home are always welcome. We recommend you provide the food your dog prefers, but we can provide if needed.
What sort of activities will my dog do if staying for daycare?
Play! Play! Play! Socializing with new friends, chasing, wresting, tug-o-war, lounging and chatting.
My dog is really small, will he be safe?
We have a special area for the little ones to romp with their friends.
Where does my dog go potty?
Dogs can go potty whenever and wherever they please. However, we encourage them to use our outdoor patio. We have staff with the dogs at all times to immediately clean up after them. When they are outdoors, they are free to go wherever. And after a dog does his business it is immediately cleaned up, every time.
What’s a typical day like for my dog’s sleepover?
After a 6:30am wake-up call, our B& B guests head outside for a morning refresher before breakfast and a little digestion time. Then they’re off for playtime. Rest periods during midday included, depending on their energy level. Dinner’s served for each guest before a final refresher and bedtime.
Do I have to pay extra for my pet with special needs?
We welcome our friends with special needs. Medication administration, handicaps, etc, at no additional costs.
What kind of training does Noah’s staff have?
Our staff has had the opportunity to be trained by the experts! Denise & Jessica from Behave Canine Solutions Training have been guest lectures at staff meeting and have worked side by side with us in the daycare area. We have been using many valuable new tools in our daily interaction with dogs.
It’s my pets’ first time at Noah’s, what do I need to bring?
Completed application forms and current vaccination records.
How many dogs do you have per day?
50 dogs maximum are allowed as determined by Animal Control. This is for the safety of all pets.
Will my cat interact with other cats?
All cats have their own personal quarters that allow them to be on their home schedule. They’re visited several times a day by our loving staff.
Do you offer discounted rates?
We offer a 10% savings on prepaid 10 packs and a multi-family discount for siblings.
What happens if my pet becomes sick?
We are within 2 blocks of Dove Lewis Emergency Veterinary Hospital for any under the weather instances.