With the variety of services offered in one location in Beaverton and serving the Portland metro, we strive for customer satisfaction and convenience. Our services are not limited to cats and dogs.

All pets are welcome!

Noah’s Bed & Breakfast (overnight)

Your best friend will be waited on hand and foot at Noah’s Arf full-care, first rate, B & B with comfortable beds and bedtime treats.

When boarding, dogs romp all day with their friends and sleep in a separate, comfortable kennel at night. They are happy to have their own space after a full day of play.

After a 6:00am wake up call, our B & B guests head outside for a morning refresher before breakfast. After a little digestion time, they’re off to play. Activities can be tailored to individual guests depending on their energy level, length of stay, age and parent’s wishes. After supper, each guest gets a walk outside before bedtime.

Dogs, per night
(Effective June 1, 2021)
$ 45.00
$ 50.00
Dogs, prepaid 10 visits
(Effective June 1, 2021)
$ 405.00
$ 450.00
Cats, per night
(Effective June 1, 2021)
$ 25.00
$ 27.00
Cats, prepaid 10 visits
(Effective June 1, 2021)
$ 225.00
$ 243.00
Small domestic animals, per night
$ 10.00
Multiple pet family discount
$ 3.00
$ 2.00
Fees are payable upon drop-off. Pets must be picked up by 10 a.m. the next day to avoid additional charges.  

“Just Like Home” Daycare

Noah’s Arf has 2,500 square feet of playground area for play and fun. We offer a fenced outdoor area for potty breaks and air-conditioning for the dog days of summer.

Noah’s Arf provides soft beds and a quiet area if needed. Like regular daycare, play time and quiet time — and time-outs as needed. Also, for the little ones we also offers a special Pint-sized Playground area for our smaller canine pals!

Drop-offs begin at 7:00am, Monday through Friday; 9am Saturday and 10am on Sunday. Pickups by 7:00pm, Monday through Friday, 6pm Saturday and Sunday. A fee will apply for drop-off and pick-up before & after operational hours (without prior arrangements).

Dogs, per day
(Effective June 1, 2021)
$ 33.00
$ 35.00
Dogs, half day (5 hours)
$ 25.00
Dogs, prepaid 10 visits
(effective June 1, 2021)
$ 297.00
$ 315.00
Multiple pet family discount
$ 2.00
Cats, per day
$ 15.00

Dirty Dog Be Gone

It’s a dog’s right to have a little fun in the mud which is why Noah’s Arf offers the finest in do-it-yourself doggie wash. Bring Java in for a fast, easy and fun cleaning event. We supply the apron, towels, brushes, shampoos, conditioners and dryers.

You supply the dirty dog. No appointment needed! Walk in anytime during operational hours. Or, schedule a deluxe and nail trim by our staff. Either way, we clean up the mess!

U-wash, any size dog
$ 16.00
We-wash, under 50lbs
$ 25.00
We-wash, over 50lbs
$ 35.00
Nail Trim, dog
$ 10.00

Holiday Charge

Services on public holidays are subject to price increases.

General Information

To ensure quality service, reservations are required (except U-wash).Please notify us 24 hours in advance of a cancellation to avoid additional charges.Noah’s Arf reserves the right to make price adjustments.Noah’s Arf G-R-E-A-T-L-Y appreciates your referrals. Every new client you send us we will send you a gift certificate to say thanks.

Gift Certificates available in any amount for all services offered. A great gift for your friend!

All dogs and cats must have proof that they are current on vaccinations to be eligible for Day and Overnight Care.

We accept cash, checks, Visa and Mastercard.

Prices are effective September 1st, 2016.